mandag 9. mai 2011

May 9th

Yet another bright and sunny day. After I was done with my night-shift I went looking for the Greylag Goose (Grågås), but it wouldnt show. First later in the day I was able to locate it again in the same area, and got some photos while it was feeding and slowly moving away from me.

The highlight of the morning-birding though, since the Greylag didnt show, was an even better bird. And this bird shows that you dont have to head out of town to find great birds! When I parked my car in front of the flat at 05:50, a little brown bird flew out from the ditch and landed ten meters from me. As allways during the midnight-sun-period, my camera is allways next to me in the car, and I started shooting to figure out which bird it was. Once again it was a Lappland Longspur (Lappspurv). And I didnt have to stress about getting my photos, it was feeding away withing fifteen meters from me. The biggest problem was the terrible cold wind and snow which flew by and after a very few minutes I had to leave the bird and head in. I was almost shaking of cold, but I was happy to have gotten these pictures of a rare bird on Svalbard, and a beautiful bird wherever you see it.

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