onsdag 25. mai 2011

May 21st

I started this seasons bird-stands today, but due to a long process of getting the information ready, the posters were set up yesterday, and off course nobody showed. But I did none-the-less have a great two hours more or less alone. I set my aim at trying to get some OK flight-pictures of different birds, and actually managed to get a few quite good ones. When the clock turned 14:00 I headed in the valley, and there were geese more or less everywhere! But no matter how much I looked, there were no other than the usual geese to see. The seasons first Red-throated Diver ( Smålom) swam by and said hello, before it gently drifted along on the current. This was probably the most exciting bird of today.

                                          Barnacle Geese

                                          Pink-footed Geese


                                          Glaucous Gull

                                          Common Eider

                                          Kinp Eider

                                          Red-throated Diver

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