lørdag 27. august 2011

August 25th

A grey and chilly day that did not give any big highlights have come to an end, but I did manage to get a few OK photos. This first one is of a Glaucous Gull (Polarmåke) with a hole through its leg. I took a photo of it to see if it had a color-ring, but got baffled when I saw that it actually had a hole straight through its leg!

I also tried to photograph some Arctic Terns (Rødnebbterne), but due to poor light I was not able to get any proper photos. These are some of the ones that I got the most satisfied with, and the second picture is of a 1cy bird. Hopefully there will be some nice weather soon so that I can get to photograph it in a better light.

tirsdag 23. august 2011

August 23rd

Allthough I did not manage to get any good pictures of birds today, but when I had closed down my gull-trap, I saw that there was an amasing pre-sunset going on. Even though pictures from a camera never can be able to catch the full beauty of such an event I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The summer is definitively over here at 78 degrees North, but I am enjoying what the fall season has to offer for me. Remember that you can enlarge the pictures by clicking in them. 

August 19th

As the Brent Goose-team are focusing on where their satellite-tagged birds are during their migration, I found this little flock of eight adults just outside Longyearbyen. Wonderful birds, only sad that they did not have any chicks with them. Hopefully I will get to see some young birds before they have all left for warmer areas.