tirsdag 5. juni 2012

June 5th

A truly beautiful day, wich was supposed to be my day off.... But starting a new job has shown that a day off, is not nescesarily a day off. But I did get the time to do some birding. Quite a few nice birds out there today, and the sun was lighting them all very nicely. But as usual most of the birds were too distant to get good photos of them. But then an Iceland Gull (Grønlandsmåke) suddenly sat just few metres in front of me, and I once again managed to take about a hundred pictures of this beautiful bird! this is not the heaviest one of this species that are staying up here, but I still got to see how similar this one could be to a Glaucous Gull (Polarmåke) in certain angles. But it is still a lovely Iceland Gull! Enjoy!!