mandag 30. desember 2013

24/12 2012 Kenya, the cats!

The big cats of Africa are often the what is displayed on the TV-screen, and ever since I got told I was going to be on a safari I was very excited about the fact that I was to see some of them with my own eyes!
On Christmas Eve we headed out in pursuit of wildlife yet another time, and this was to be the best day when focusing on cats at least. At this point I knew what the lions would do when we found them, they would be sleeping their way through the day after a night of hunting.

When we found this family of Cheetahs they were just as active as the lions. The three cubs were lying in the shadow of a shrub in the middle of the savanna and did not bother about being stressed by the cars with tourists that came along to have a look. After a while the mother figured that she also would like some time in front of all the cameras, and came in to lie down in front of her cubs.
Cheetah/Gepard, cubs/unger

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The happy Family
When Our guide started smiling extra wide (he allways smiled) we understood that there was something good coming up. Then he told us that another car had found a mother Leopard with cub! And I have to say that this big cat is one of the most beautifull animals I have seen. We drove up on the opposite side of where the other cars were parked to get a better view. And the sight that we got was really worth being sat there for about an hour!

Leopard, female

After a short while a tiny tail suddenly appeared.....

Leopard and a tiny tail....
 We drove around the mother and cub to get better views. And to be allowed to watch the interaction between mother and cub at this close range was truly amazing! The cub was crawling around on and around its mother to get to the best place for a rest.

Leopard mother and cub.

After a little while when the cub had gone in and out of the den a few times we atsrted to Wonder if there were more than one cub. It seemed like the cub was able to move very quickly from one side of the den to the other. But all of a sudden there were two cubs outside playing with mother.

Leopard mother with two cubs.

Mother is great to climb onto.....

....because she is the softest spot around to have a rest at!

torsdag 7. november 2013

23/12 2012 Kenya

As we were heading to the MAsai MAra on this day, my hopes were very high to see something interesting. And the morning started off With some great birds around the breakfast table at the Sunbird Lodge.

African Citril/Olivenirisk

Beglafect's Weaver/Bergvever

Beglafect's Weaver/Bergvever

Fischer's Lovebird/Rødhodet dvergpapegøye

Fischer's Lovebird/Rødhodet dvergpapegøye

Great Blue-Eared Starling/Blåøreglansstær

Red-Winged Starling, male/Rødvingestær, hann

Red-Winged Starling, female + male/Rødvingestær, hunn + hann

Rufous Sparrow/Masaispurv

Rufous Sparrow/Masaispurv

Speckled Pigeon/Spragledue

Laughing Dove/Palmedue

Superb Starling/Praktstær

After a bgood breakfast With this great Company we went on, and after a dew hours in the car we entered the Masai Mara. After having dropped Our luggage in the lodge we drove out onto the Plains, and we were not disappointed even though we only had short time before darkness came.

Cape Buffalo + Yellow-Billed Oxpecker/Kafferbøffel + Gulnebboksehakker






One should think that "The King of Beasts" would act like one, but this is how the first male Lion we encountered acted teh entire time we were watching him and his pride.



"Masai"-Giraffe/"Masai" Giraff

And at last, the bird of the day for me, the Secretary Bird. Suddenly this long-legged bird just appeared out of the grass and walked next to us. This is one of the birds I really wanted to see while in Africa, and what great views it gave me!

Secretary Bird/Sekretærfugl

Secretary Bird/Sekretærfugl

Secretary Bird/Sekretærfugl

søndag 3. november 2013

Kenya 22/12-12 part 4

It has been a long time since I shared photos on the blog now, and I figured that it would be a Nice way of enjoying the Winter here in Longyearbyen by looking through more of the photos from last Christmas.

The Mammals of Africa are ones that most Europeans see on the TV, and for many, like me, it is a great dream to get to see these iconic animals. At Lake Nakuru the animals were more than willing to show themselves to us, and I got a real taste of what was to come later on.

This Cape Buffalo (Kafferbøffel) was one of my most wanted species in Kenya. These huge animals appear to be dosile and calm, but the power and changing mood they can show just make them a true danger in woodlands and on the savanna.

Cape Buffalo/Kafferbøffel

When this Waterbuck appeared out of the tall shrubs I was amazed at what a beauty it was. When we drove off I truly wanted to stay behind and look more at it. It appeared as royalty in the darkness of the forest.


Baboons were seen several Places, but I thought this Picture where it is "mooning" the world was a good picture for us who have grown up With them in the Disney-universe.


Thompsons Gazelle (Thompsongaselle) is a vary delicate little antelope, amd to see this one feeding was a nice sight.

Thompsons Gazelle/Thompsongaselle

Another common antelope was the Impala(Impala). These elegant antelopes wanted to run away from the car, but I managed to get Pictures of this one who wasnt quick enough to run away!


The striped horse, the Zebra, didnt mind us getting close, and they were obviously more than happy to be photographed. This baby was among the cutest animals I saw this day, and I just had to have it in this blog-post.

Plains Zebra/Steppesebra
 And when I was photographing the Zebras I got the idea of making close-up portraits of some of the animals. I am pretty pleased With the outcome of this one!

Plains Zebra close-up.

The Rock Hyrax is among the closest relatives of the Elephants! When you are stood looking at an animal the size of a large Rabbit, that it is a cousin of the Elephant is not a thing that strikes you....

Rock Hyrax/Klippegrevling

Rock Hyrax/Klippegrevling

Rhinos to me have allways been a living armoured tanks. Bur seeing the White Rhinos feeding next to the car, only ten meters away to begin With, made me think otherways. When they were around a meter away from the car they appeared as nice and peacefull creatures. To not be the slightest bit afraid when a couple of tons of muscles and horn is stood just next to you is a great feeling!

White Rhino/Hvitt neshorn

White Rhino/Hvitt neshorn

Lokking at the Giraffes made me remember all the times that I've seen them in the sunset on TV. And they are my mothers favourite African animal, so off course we spent some time looking at them. :)

Rotchild's Giraffe/ Rotchild giraff
 Our Guide got very happy when we spotted this Black Rhino at a distance. This was the only animal in the park that he didnt feel comfortable driving up close to. So the Pictures were taken at about 40-50 meters. A great animal that truly showed that it was the king of the land......

Black Rhino/ Svart neshorn

Black Rhino/Svart neshorn
 And when I spotted this one, the guide could tell that it was at least two years since he last saw this species. The Pictures didnt become too good due to the fading light, but yo can manage to see the species. :)

Striped Hyena/Stripehyene