fredag 13. mai 2011

May 13th

This cloudy day produced a couple of nice birds. One of the male Northern Pintails (Stjertand) were still present and gave great views as the sun briefly came through the clouds. Also present today were lots of Pink-footed Geese (Kortnebbgås) and Barnacle Geese (Hvitkinngås). In amongst teh Glaucous Gulls (Polarmåke) today was a probable hybrid Herring X Glaucous Gull (Gråmåke X Polarmåke). I saw it from the livingroom window, but it had disappeared when I came to the delta. I stayed in the delta for almost an hour, and came in close with some of the first Purple Sandpipers (Fjæreplytt) of the season. In amongst these I managed to locate a ringed and flag-tagged bird. This is actually a bird that was ringed at the same site as I saw it on the 9th of june 2010 by the head of the ringing-project. After nearly a full year it is back at the exact same spot where it was trapped and ringed. When I was done looking in the delta I was awarded a photo-session by the resident pair of Snow Buntings (Snøspurv). Espescially the male showed off well, and I got pretty pleased with the pictures I got.

Northern Pintale male
Pink-footed Geese in flight

Snow Bunting male

Snow Bunting female

Snow Bunting male wanting to drive a dogsled

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