torsdag 26. mai 2011

May 24th

This was a day dominated by ducks and geese. First out today I have got this picture of two male Mallards (Stokkand). This might two of the three males that came up here some weeks ago. But nobody knows, the birds have got wings and can fly pretty much where they want.

Finally I also managed to get a photo of the Bean Goose (Sædgås) at Hotellneset. To find one goose with orange legs in amongst 70 others with pink feet is not as simple as it may seem, but I did manage to get of some record-shots of it.

Another pleasant bird to get on my list of birds on Svalbard was these Canada Geese (Kanadagås). This was my species number 36 (!) on Svalbard in 2011, and my species number 63 on Svalbard in total. Unfortunately these two are probably of subspecies interior, but anyway it is nice to be able to put another species on my list here, way up north on 78 degrees North.

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