onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Memories of a short summer

It has now been almost three months since my last blog-post. Hopefully I will be able to post more frequently from now on. I found some photos from my last proper photo-trip this summer which I wanted to show to you out there. The Barnacle Goose (Hvitkinngås) is a leucistic individual which is easily spotted among its normally-coloured friends. And I guess that now there might be someone in Scotland that will see the same bird.

But most of the photos here are taken in the largest Little Auk (Alkekonge) -colony close to town. The sensation of being sat in between hundreds of these really cute birds which are trusting you so much that they barely notice that you move around a few meters away from them. These small alcids are one of my topten favourite birds, and even though their laughing calls can make me go crazy after a while, I still find myself maused by their personalities every time I sit amongst them. Just to make it clear to begin with, I did not walk as close to the birds as it might seem in some of the photos, the birds came closer to me while I was lying there on the painfull rocks!

The white one!


Cuddling in the rocks