fredag 20. mai 2011

May 17th

Today is the National Day of Norway. Even way up north here in Longyearbyen we managed to get a parade together, and celebrated the country with marching band and everything that belongs to the event. But there was one thing that made me laugh a little. At the end of the parade there came a snowmobile, and this was not a normal everyday snowmobile. On the back of the snowmobile was mounted a big four-way camera. It was Google Earth or StreetView that was out photographing the town. This was an interesting twist on a otherwise regular celebration.
The birds were apparently not celebrating the day as much as we humans did, but I did manage to get some OK pictures of some of the common birds such as Glaucous Gull (Polarmåke) Common and King Eider (Ærfugl og Praktærfugl).

The start of the parade


Female Common Eider

Male Common Eider

Flying Common Eiders

King Eider males

Glaucous Gulls

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