fredag 19. juni 2009

The beginning of my blog


Many people are wondering of what I really do all the time up here in the North, and in this blog I will try to show at least some of the things I do up here. For others that do not know where I am from, I am from a little town in the south of Norway called Mandal. Except for the five first years of my life, when I lived in a little village in northern Troms called Burfjord, together with my parents and oldest sister, I grew up in Mandal and lived there until I moved to Tromsø when I was 20 years old. Now I have spendt five years up here, and have now finished my education and have got the degree of Master of Science in Northern Populations and Ecosystems. And throughout all of the five years of studying my fellow students have had the habit of calling me a bird-geek. And my ending of the studies was just a confirmation of their nick on me, when the last thing I did was to present and defend my masters thesis: "Food resources of an overwintering population pf Purple Sandpipers (Calidris maritima) in Sørkjosleira Naturereserve, Northern Norway."

Now that I have got my degree I feel like I have done my things in Tromsø, and was pleased when my girlfriend asked me to move up to Svalbard with her. So, as I am writing this, I have got only two days left as a citicen of Tromsø. But I have learned a lot here, and I have got to know a lot of different people. So from now on I will try to keep this blog updated on the different trips I have in field looking at birds and other things. It will be nice to get up to Longyearbyen and try out a new place on Earth.

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