torsdag 26. mai 2011

May 23rd

The day started very good! I did some midnight-birding, and when I was heading to work I got stopped by a friend. He asked if I had seen the Bean Goose (Sædgås) that has been staying at Hotellneset for a while. Off course I had not been able to find it among the Pink-footed Geese (Kortnebbgås), but two minutes with Georg resulted in great views of the goose. This is pretty typical of my luck with geese, they tend to elude me. Another bird that Georg managed to find today was this nice Pectoral Sandpiper (Alaskasnipe) male. It was feeding along with a group of Purple Sandpipers (Fjæreplytt), Dunlins (Myrsnipe) and Ringed Plovers (Sandlo). It gave great views at around twenty meters distance, and I even managed to take som video of it. I will start posting videos when I have got an understanding of how i edit them.

Another nice sight today was my first two Ivory Gulls (Ismåke) of the year. I had put food in the gull-trap, and suddenly there were two small white gulls in among the Glaucous Gulls (Polarmåke). They were soon chased off by a dominant male Glaucous Gull, but I manged to get som quite nice shots of one of them when they came flying by.

I also got a nice picture of one of the adult Glaucous Gulls.

Todays catch of gulls ended at eight new birds, and one color-ringed bird, which was ringed in 2007 by Bjørn Frantzen at the garbage dump. One of the new birds that I caught today was a 3cy/4k-bird, and underneath are some photos of wing and head to show some of the features of it. These birds are quite big, weighing between 1400 to 1800 grams, with winglengths of 45 to 49 cm.

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