onsdag 16. februar 2011

Winter Wonderland

I once read a Calvin & Hobbes comic-book with the title: "Nothing as Silent as Snow". If they had experienced Svalbard they would have found an even quieter atmosphere. Admittedly Calvin used the silent snow for throwing snowballs, where I only use it for the pleasure of observation.

Now the dark polar-night is starting to resign, and the beautiful blue light that can only be apreciated at high latitudes is being swapped for amazing pinks, purples and oranges. Today the first rays of the sun managed to stretch their way to Hiorthfjellet on the other side of Adventfjorden, and marked the end of the never ending night for this time. With the sun the polarbears have started to come into town, and even though I havent managed to see any of them yet this year, it makes it just feel even better to be out photographing the landscape. I am posting a few pictures that I am pleased with, which are all taken within the last fourteen days. I hope that all you out there that are watching them will like the view of Svalbard in winter-plumage as much as I do.