fredag 22. april 2011

My species number 60 for Svalbard!

One would think that a place as far north as Svalbard wouldnt be the place to see the everyday birds that are common in parks and ponds throughout Europe. But my 60th species on Svalbard is just this. I got a text from a friend saying that there was MALLARD (Stokkand) in the delta. I still had twenty minutes left at work, and was waiting impatiently for the time to go, and for my girlfriend to come and pick me up. Once at home i called my friend who was still sat in the delta looking at them. I jumped into my snowmobilesuit and drove off. Three minutes later I was photographing three male mallards! This is a species that I have been looking for since I came up here in 2009, and finally I could put it on my list of seen birds. I will post two poor pictures of the three sat sleeping on the ice. Hopefully they will stay around for a little while so that I can get better photos of them.

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