mandag 9. august 2010

August 8th

Finally I got to do some proper photographing again. To have as many interests as I have that tend to not work together are sometimes difficult. today I went out birding with a finnish man who is probably just as bad as me when it comes to birds. We were stood next to each other photographing most of the feathered creatures that came by. We spent about four hours in the wind, and I got to show him hundreds of Fulmars (Havhest), wich he had not seen for eight years. He also got quite enthusiastic baout photographing the last remainging Little Auks (Alkekonge) that were left in the colony in Bjørndalen. I mainly focused on some Purple Sandpipers (Fjæreplytt) and Arctic Terns (Rødnebbterne).

August 7th

A new day of ringing in the delta, and now it seems that most of the local waders have left the area. I saw just a few Purple Sandpipers (Fjæreplytt), and only one Dunlin(Myrsnipe), a week ago there were at least seventy Purple Sandpipers and thirty Dunlins here. Today I only managed to catch ten new Purple Sandpipers and one wich I had ringed a week ago, but I got a little bonus in an adult male Ringed Plover (Sandlo).

August 2nd

Finally I got to take some photos again. Most of the summer I have been either ringing birds or I have been trying to find their nests and young. But tiday I finally got to sit down for a little while to photograph birds that came flying by in the delta. I took this picture of an adult Glaucous Gull (Polarmåke) just as the sun came clear of the clouds, and the effect it gave I think is quite cool.