søndag 25. mars 2012

More fur than feathers!

As the winter now have turned bright and sunny once again, I wont let an opportunity to explore the wilderness go away. Many perople pay lots of money to see what I have got just outside my front door, and during the weekend I have once again gotten the feeling that I must have saved many millions in just living here, instead of needing to travel up here just to see it!

But no matter how wonderful the landscape is now when the sun has come over the mountains, I am still missing the birds. And todays little trip in the car managed to produce three adult Glaucous Gulls (Polarmåke). All of which were distant views. But somewhat more cooperative were the Svalbard Reindeer (Svalbard reinsdyr). These are very dosile and nice animals, and unfortunately some of them were infected by rabies last year. These three individuals on the other hand seemed to be fine, and they were just relaxing in the sun when I came driving by. I walked out of the car just tenmetres away from tehm, and they figured that I was not worth more than just lifting their heads before they went back to sleep. It is the real Svalbard-spirit: " Dont rush it, everything will happen when it is time for it to happen!" I just love these animals!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Du henger litt etter med årstiden der oppe på Svalbard skjønner jeg, her i sør Norge er det full vår allerede....tidligere enn noen gang, herlig. Du må komme med fuglerapporter etterhvert :o)

    Hilsen Robert (borsesjo.blogspot.com)

  2. Her oppeblir det nok ikke vårlig før midt i mai, og sommeren kan jo ikke sammenlignes med den hos deg. Men alle plasser har sin sjarm til alle årstider, og fuglerapportene kommer så snart polarmåkene får besøk av flere fjærkledde skapninger. :)