fredag 18. juni 2010

May 29th

This day was of quite high quality when it comes to birds, or at least I think so. The highlights for me were a beautiful male King Eider (Praktærfugl) which allowed me to photograph it at close range and two pairs of Brent Geese (Ringgås), of which one of them was a bit weary but allowed me to photograph them at an OK distance.

Of other nice birds I finally got some photos of Ivory Gulls (Ismåke) on ice. Even though I get asked by everyone that gets up here of where the easiest place to find Ivory Gulls is, they are a daily sight here in Longyearbyen and I show everybody who wants to see them the way to the dogyard.

I got some more nice photos of some of the Teals (Krikkand) that have been in the valley for a while, and I just couldnt resist photographing a male Barnacle Goose (Hvitkinngås) which were posing nicely next to the road.

When I drove back out of the valley I went one more trip down to the delta and again found the Iceland Gull (Grønlandsmåke) which has been there for a while. And yet again it was not afraid of being photographed.

The last bird I was pleased to get to photograph a dark morph Arctic Skua (mørk Tyvjo). It was very little afraid of the approaching car, and its only because of my lack of knowledge of what to do with the settings on my camera that the pictures didnt get any better than this.

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