fredag 18. juni 2010

June 2nd

This was to be a day of a big little bird. The day began with me photographing a female King Eider (Praktærfugl) at one of the ponds next to the dogyard.

The day before there was seen a Green Sandpiper (Skogsnipe) in some ponds further in, but I had not been succsessfull in my hunt for it yet. But I had to try again to get to see it, and suddnely, in between the tussock and among three Purple Sandpipers (Fjæreplytt) and a female King Eider was a small vader with bright white underside and dark back. The binoculars came up to the eyes and I could confirm that it was the Green Sandpiper. This is the first individual of this species that is seen on Spitsbergen.

When I drove back into town I stopped to photograph the Common Eiders that are breeding there. The males are real beauties, and I will add a nice profile-picture of a male, and just to make it a bit more interesting; this is the Svalbard-subspecies Borealis.

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