fredag 29. april 2011

April 28th

Today I was supposed to be catching my first Glaucous Gulls (Polarmåke), but the gulls didnt like the mesh of fishingline over teh trap. This resulted in several gulls sat on top of the trap, but none inside it. The good things of the day though were three new color ringed gulls of the year, and the highest count of birds on site. There were 83 adult Glaucous Gulls at the garbage dump. In addition a female Northern Wheatear (Steinskvett) flew by, this was a possible subspecies leucorrhoa due to the dark coloration of the bird. The gulls were quite amorous today, and I saw three matings, and several couples that were flirting.

Red RJ

The next four pictures are of Red HF showing courtship behaviour with her mate. You can see that she is a female due to teh much larger size of the male.

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