fredag 18. juni 2010

May 31st

Once again I got to watch Black-headed Gull (Hettemåke) here in Longyearbyen. But the difference from the last two times was that this time it was two 2nd year-birds.

When I drove up the valley after having seen these two gulls I were looking for the Red (Grey) Phalaropes (Polarsvømmesnipe) in the small ponds in the valley, but I got very pleased to see that it was its cousin, the Red-necked Phalarope (Svømmesnipe) that were swimming in circles in Lomdammen. This female acted just like all the phalaropes usually does when I see them, and couldnt care less about my prescence a few metres away.

When I did a last trip up the valley at about elleven in the evening a big pale bird that caught flight caught my attention. I pulled the car over to the side of the road and got my binoculars up. the bird that flew off was a Bar-headed Goose (Stripegås)!! I tried to get a couple of documentation photos, but the distance was far too long to get any photos where you could see anything of importance. I drove along the road and managed to pass by the bird after two kilometres and threw up the camera and managed to get some pictures like the ones under here. They show pale wings with a broad black end-bar to the wings, and should be enough to exclude the other pale birds that might be of confusion risks.

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