søndag 15. juli 2012

July 14th

Finally I found the time to write a few words here again. I am currently going through the pictures that I have taken during the last month or so, and there are a few nice ones there. But for now, I am posting some from yesterday. Three Ivory Gulls (Ismåke) were very helpful photo-wise, and flew by several times in different lighting. I hope that you who have a look at them enjoy this pure-white bird as much as I do!

In december I am going to the Seychelles, and hope to bring back photos of another all-white bird, the Fairy/White Tern.

3 kommentarer:

  1. En virkelig flott fugl...som jeg desverre ikke har sett. Synes det nest siste bildet er best av disse.

  2. Det har du helt rett i, det er en flott fugl! Det at jeg ser den nesten hver gang jeg kikker etter den gjør at jeg desverre ikke bruker nok tid på den. Men slik som denne gangen, så husker jeg på å nyte den noen ganger!

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