lørdag 26. november 2011

England 31.Oct.2011

A slightly wet and grey day in England is nothing that I was not expecting, but it did make the birding rather slow. But no matter how the weather was, Ed and I got to see quite a few birds that I find quite nice.

Ed is Ed Parnell, a guy who I guided around Longyearbyen when he was up here last summer, and who offered to show me around in the UK when I was there at some point. And due to the fact that he lives near Norwich, and since my girlfriends family lives in Norwich, it was a great opportunity to take him up on his offer. So we ended up spending two very nice days birding in Norfolk and Suffolk.

This first day we went north from Norwich, and visited wonderful birding-sites. Amongst them were Cley, which I find to be one of the best birding-sites I have seen so far. Beraded Reedling (Skjeggmeis) was a new species in the UK for me, and there were lots of other nice birds around as well. The bird that we had the most fun with was probably the Cetti's Warbler (Cettisanger), since I have never actually managed to see one, only heard, we tried to get around one to see it. It must have looked rather strange to other people when two grown men were walking around a bush with no apparent reason. And off course the bird was not seen by any of us.

Probably the best bird for most birders this day wa the Cattle Egret (Kuhegre) that we saw at approximately a kilometre distance in some coastal pastures.

Stonechat / Svartstrupe

Pintail male / Stjertand hann

Dark-bellied Brent Goose / Ringgås, mørkbuket/ssp. bernicla

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