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Andaman Islands, Day 1, October 12th, 2011

I will make a brief note of every day when I am in the Andaman Islands, and I will also attach some of the photos that I take during my stay here. Due to the fact that there is no internet or phone-coverage where I am staying the blog will be updated after I am back on Svalbard.

Port Blair, South Andaman Island

After a very long flight, with three changes of flights we finally arrived in the Andaman Islands. It is a true tropical paradise, where the rainforest truly lived up to its name. It was tanking down like if the monsoon was not over yet. After having arrived at the jetty, waiting for the ferry to bring us to Havelock Island we were very happy that there was a building to be stood inside. All sorts of temporary rain/clothes were being used, even a little plastic bag pulled over one man’s head. And the prize of being my first bird seen on the Andaman Islands went to the House Sparrow (Gråspurv). Not the bird I was truly hoping for, but it is one of the world’s most wide-spread birds thanks to human settlements. When the ferry arrived there was the usual Indian chaos, and it was a first come - first serve – mentality. But when we had finally managed to get on board it was a nice journey over to Havelock Island.

Jetty at Village # 1, Havelock Island       

For the x’th time today I had to show my passport and Visa again. These islands have to be some of the best protected ones I have ever been too, because there seem to be passport- and Visa-control at every point possible. When I was stood waiting for the control to get done I noticed both swifts, swiftlets and swallows flying over the jetty, but since I am not even very skilled in European species of these, I gave up figuring out which species they were.

Jungle Resort, Havelock Island

After a cab-ride that would have gotten my mother to become more or less a nerve-wreck, and after hearing multiple car-horns being used like if it was an active part of the car, we arrived at the holiday-complex which we were to stay at for the next twelve days. It was like walking into a botanical garden. I could immediately see that this was promising well.

Species list of the day:

Port Blair, South Andaman

·         House Sparrow (Gråspurv)

New species today: 1

Total number of species so far: 1
Welcoming #1

Welcomming #2

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