fredag 25. november 2011

England 29.0ct.2011

After we came back from the Andaman Islands, we spent a week together with my girlfriends family in England. And since I am not to sure about driving on teh "wrong" side of the road, I was kind of restricted to where I could go birdwatching. But since we were spending a weekend in Suffolk I thought that I at least had a little chance of getting some birding out of it. We stayed in the middle of the country-side, and it was a perfect place to go birdwatching for birds of farmland. Pheasants (Fasan) were everywhere, and I managed to spook out a litter of Red-legged Partridge (Rødhøne) wich I have not seen before in the UK. Large flocks of Wood Pigeons (Ringdue), smaller flocks of Collared Doves (Tyrkerdue) and singles of Stock Dove (Skogdue) were nice, and gave more pleasing than the large flocks of Rooks (Kornkråke) that were on "every" field. A couple of Fallow Deer (Dåhjort) came running by at a few meters distance after they got spooked by a man walking his dog, and a Rabbit (Kanin) tried to hide as well as it could in the three centimetre long grass. The trip was finnished in the beautiful light of teh setting sun showering a few Wood Pigeons sat in a tree just outside the house we stayed in.

Fallow Deer / Dåhjort

Wood Pigeon / Ringdue

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