fredag 4. november 2011

Andaman Islands, Day 3, October 14th, 2011

Jungle Resort, Havelock Island

It is a new day, and there are new species to be seen. The Asian Fairy Bluebirds (Blåalvefugl) and the Black-naped Orioles (Svartnakkepirol) were very active in the morning, and the resident flock of Red-whiskered Bulbuls (Rødørebylbyl) were flying from one fruiting tree to another to get their part of the food. All along there were Asian Magpie Robins (Orientskjæreskvett) chirping and fighting for the rights of the best feeding-grounds. A group of Black-headed Bulbuls (Svarthodebylbyl) came by the fruiting tree next to the reception, and in the same tree a Plain Flowerpecker (Olivenblomsterfugl) was working hard to get its share of the food. A Red-breasted Parakeet (Skjeggparakitt) was feeding of a papaya-fruit while his buddies were sat around waiting, and an Andaman Woodpecker (Andamansvartspett) was hammering on a log not too far away. The two best birds of the day though are the White-rumped Munia (Hvitgumpnonne) that showed up when I was trying to photograph some bulbuls, and the White-bellied Sea Eagle (Hvitbukhavørn) that came flying over the beach when we had a stroll in the setting sun. The day ended from the front of the hut when a young Great Coucal (Orientsporegjøk) came wandering by the hut and gave great views.

Species list of the day

Jungle Resort

·         White-bellied Sea Eagle Hvitbukhavørn)

·         Red-breasted Parakeet (Skjeggparakitt)

·         Great Coucal (Orientsporegjøk)

·         Andaman Woodpecker (Andamansvartspett)

·         Asian Fairy Bluebird (Alveblåfugl)

·         Black-naped Oriole (Svartnakkepirol)

·         Red-whiskered Bulbul (Rødørebylbyl)

·         Black-headed bulbul (Svarthodebylbyl)

·         Oriental Magpie Robin (Orientskjæreskvett)

·         Forest Wagtail (Skogerle)

·         Grey Wagtail (Vintererle)

·         Plain Flowerpecker (Olivenblomsterfugl)

·         White-rumped Munia (Hvitgumpnonne)

New species today: 7

Total number of species this far: 15
Red-wented Bulbul/Rødørebylbyl

Red-wented Bulbul/Rødørebylbyl

Black-headed Bulbul/Svarthodebulbul, endemic subspecies to the Andamans

Black-naped Oriole/Svartnakkepirol

Plain Flowerpecker/Oliveblomsterfugl

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo/Dragedrongo

Wkite-rumped Munia/Hvitgumpnonne

Oriental Magpie Robin/Orientskjæreskvett


The toad in the loudspeaker at the restaurant

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