fredag 23. juli 2010

Boattrip 18th July

Since I am a resident of Longyearbyen, I dont get around to do all the tourist-things that you can do around here. But when my father was up here visiting this weekend we went on a boat-trip to the other side of the main fiord, Isfjorden, to another fiord, Billefjorden. There were lots of birds to be seen, among them were Atlantic Puffin ssp. Naumanni (Lunde), Brünnick's Guillemot (Polarlomvi), Black Guillemot (Teist), Razorbill (Alke), Little Auk (Alkekonge), Fulmar (Havhest), Kittwake (Krykkje), Glaucous Gull (Polarmåke), Black-Backed Gull (Svartbak), Sabine's Gull (Sabinemåke), Ringed Plover (Sandlo) and Purple Sandpiper (Fjæreplytt).

I am adding a picture of a puffin ssp. Naumanni, which you can see have got grey cheeks, and some pictures of the normal landscape viewed from the sea here.

Atlantic Puffin ssp. Naumanni

Bilefjorden, viwed towards North

Isfjorden, viewed towards East

The birdcliff in Skansebukta, viewed towards North

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