søndag 19. juni 2011

June 9th

Despite the fact that I did not get any photos of the really fun birds today, I did manage to get some OK pictures. First I re-found the ssp. bernicla Brent Goose (Ringås). This picture shows well the darker belly of the "dark-bellied" Brent vs the "light-bellied" Brent.

Arctic Terns (Rødnebbterne) are thought of as a menace by many people, but I still keep on my opinion that they are some of the most elegant and beautiful birds around. Hence why I have uploaded some photos of them here.


When I was more or less done with todays birding I became aware that the local pair of Arctic Skuas (Tyvjo) were unhappy with something in the neighbourhood. A few moments later this Arctic Fox (Fjellrev) came trotting along one of the sewage/water-lines. This was a welcome sight since it is not very often I get the oppurtunity to photograph this species in town.

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