søndag 19. juni 2011

June 15th

An early morning trip resulted in this Greylag Goose (Grågås) at Hotellneset. I guess that it is the same goose that has been seen in the dogyard for a while, hence why I only took some quick photos of it.

In the afternoon I had promised one of my colleagues to show her the Red Phalarope (Polarsvømmesnipe). I think it is about time that she got to see it since she has been living here for the last ten years! But first some photos of a beautiful pair of Long-tailed Ducks (Havelle) that were swimming in Isdammen.

The star of the evening were found in the valley. A pair of Red Phalaropes were feeding in a little pond, and I managed to get my colleague to get great views of them. She said that she was a bit baffled by their small size, but then again, in Norwegian they will be covered by the group "Small waders".

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