søndag 19. juni 2011

June 11th

A very nice day with lots of good photos. I went out with a friend, Eirik Grønningsæter, who is a nature-photographer to try to get some nice pics of the Red-necked Phalaropes (Svømmesnipe) that have put in an appearance in the valley. When we arrived there they were very coperative, and gave great photo-opportunities at short distances. We were even granted a view of their swift, but important, matings.

I have uploaded a couple of pictures of Eirik as well. It is allways interesting to learn tecniques of the ones who know how its done.
Eirik from the first (and best ?) angle
Eirik from the second (and most interesting?) angle.

Before we came to the phalaropes we stopped in the dogyard, and this Ivory Gull (Ismåke) gave me the opportunity to add some pictures to my library. Even though I have gotten quite used to this species after two years up here I never get tired of studying this magnificent white gull!

A lone Kittiwake (Krykkje) that came flying by in the delta also got permission to be posted on the blog today.

To see flying and displaying Svalbard Ptarmigan (Svalbardrype) in the valley is not an everyday sight, so these two males that were competing over who could out-sing the other are also granted permission to be shown on the blog.

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