fredag 29. april 2011

April 27th

Today I got my new camera, a Nikon D300s. The old D200 will now be equipped with one of the smaller lenses while the new camera will be used mainly with the 50-500. Excited like a little kid at Christmas I set out with my new camera to visit my friends at the garbage deposit. The result was much better pictures in poor light than what the D200 would have managed, and three new color ringed gulls present. I have now read teh rings of 16 different Glaucous Gulls (Polarmaake) this year, and I guess that there will be more to come. Hopefully I will be able to use the camera a bit better after a while so that I can use it to its full potential. As the first photo shows it can be quite violent at times when the Glaucous Gulls are feeding. It is probably this gull that has taken a beating inside my trap, since this was the only bloody gull, and there were drops of blood on the snow both inside and outside the trap.

Red HF with unringed mate.

Red XK

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