fredag 2. mars 2012

1st of March

Finally I am back blogging, and my cameras are out of hibernation! Due to some problems with the D300S I had to use the backup-camera, my D200, for these pictures. But hopefully the new camera is working properly again soon.

The sun has finally come above the horizon here at 78 degrees north, and the motives are way too many to decide on one single motive. But I will try to upload new photos here as often as possible, and show you out there what a truly beautiful place I live at. Also in this blog I have put in a photo of two out of the four Svalbard Ptarmigans I came across in the middle of town. To me, they beat gulls, pigeons and blackbirds as in-town-birds any day!

1 kommentar:

  1. Må være hærlig å se solen komme tilbake der oppe. Fine rypene ser ikke særlig skvetne ut.

    Hilsen Robert