mandag 25. juli 2011

A short summary of young, old and strange

I have not been good enough to follow up the blog the last days, but I will try to remember it the next days.

A Long-tailed Skua (Fjelljo) made the 7th a special day, since I dont get to see these every day up here.

On the 12th I found a Red Phalarope (Polarsvømmenipe) male, wich was running around with a chick. I was hoping to ring the chick, but it disappeared in the grass and was never seen again.

On the 13th I got hand on two Dunlin (Myrsnipe) chicks. These were equipped with metal-rings and orange plastic-flags. Hopefully they will be seen in their wintering-quarters when the season is over up North.

On the 19th I got some nice photos of the Arctic Skua (Tyvjo) hunting. There were about 50 adult Glaucous Gulls (Polarnåke), one Herring Gull (Gråmåke) and lots of Kittiwakes (Krykkje) and Arctic Terns (Rødnebbterne) feeding on something being stirred up by the wind.

On the 21st I finally got some photos of a bird that I have wanted to get photos for quite a while. One of the white Barnacle Geese (Hvitkinngås). It lay in between about thirty of its fellows in a moulting-flock. On Isdammen now there are several hundreds of them, and in between there are a few Pink.footed Geese (Kortnebbgås).

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