lørdag 2. juli 2011

June 27th, part 2

When the fox headed off I just felt the need to photograph this drake Mallard (Stokkand) which is almost into its eclipse-plumage. The nice reflection in the water also made this picture nice.

While I was photographing the Mallard, I recieved a call from Rune Edvardsen that there was an adult Sabine's Gull (Sabinemåke) further out in the fiord. Foxes and mallards I have seen lots of this year, but this beautiful gull gets my full attention when it is around.  I had seen a young bird earlier in the day, but did not manage to get any photos. But this bird was nice to us, and it showed well, before it suddenly figured that it should dissappear. And none of the three of us figured out how it had disappeared.

By some strange reason I have not got to photograph the Arcitc Skua (Tyvjo) earlier this year, but when the chance was there after the Sabine's Gull was gone, I got a few shots that shows this nice bird.

1 kommentar:

  1. Hei der oppe Ole-Edvard..

    Flotte bilder på sabinemåke dette - send den gjerne sørover til Tromsø på besøk :-)

    Her er høst-trekket av vadere i full swing, men ingen rariteter å se (foreløpig)..

    Beste hilsen, Fredrik