lørdag 2. juli 2011

June 27th, part 1

This was a rahter good day for photographing and birdwatching. To begin with the drake Wigeon (Brunnakke) was showing well off at short distance near the dogyard.

Then, a bit later an Arcitic Fox (Fjellrev) were beeing chased by a pair of Arctic Terns (Rødnebbterne) when it tried to get an easy meal. The meal was not easy to get at all, but apparently it was worth vile for the fox since it kept on going until it had emptied out the nest, and it was licking egg-yolk off its nose. Looking rather pleased with it self.

Todays second fox came when I had had dinner and was just out for a relatively short trip. I became aware that the Arctic Terns were rather ill-tempered near the dogyard, and I went up there to have a look. There was a fox in the middle of a better meal of eggs. It did not seem to mind that I was stood just ten metres away at the closest. The only thing that I would wish could be different was that I would have liked to get some sun, instead of the grey clouds which made my pictures become more or less black/white.

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