lørdag 10. mai 2014

Finally! Spring has arrived in the High Arctic!

Suddenly, four days ago, spring came to Spitzbergen! Most places you will have a transition between winter and spring, but here it just appeared out of a snowstorm! I havent been doing too much birdwatching before this, but now my hopes of seeing new and interesting species up here are renewed tenfold!

Spring brought With it the first Pink-footed Geese (Kortnebbgås), a European Golden Plover (Heilo) and a pair of Mallards (Stokkand). This is my fifth and sixth Mallard up here, nad it is my first female, so I was quite happy to see these. Other people have seen Redwing (Rødvingetrost), Song Trush (Måltrost), Redpoll (Gråsisik), Shoveler (Skjeand) and Tufted Duck (Toppand) the last few days, so I guess I will have to be out looking now. :) Hopefully I will be getting better photos soon of the birds that are out there waiting for me.

Pair of Mallards on a very cloudy day and at quite som distance.....

Glaucous Gull Red/White ZS, ringed in Longyearbyen in 2007

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