søndag 8. april 2012

Sun, snow and the superb Arctic!

As a little treat for her birthday, I took one of my colleagues for a little snowmobile-trip today. She is up here to work for a month, and had never been on a glacier before, so my task was simple: give her a true Arctic winter experience! The sun was shining from teh purest blue sky, and it was reflected from teh tall, snow-covered mountains surrounding us. Even up here, next door to the North Pole, the sun has now started to give of its warmth through its rays, and I actually became quite warm driving on the snowmobile today. We were out for almost three hours, and she was extatic about the scenery all the time. That is a really good responce when you try to show youre "backyard" from its best side. I did not take too many pictures due to the fact that I did not find the inspiration to photgraph the things I have photographed so many times before. But hoprfully I will find some nice frames to put on my memorycards.

From the glacier, overlooking Fardalen

Janne enjoying the snow-covered landscape

The view from my flat tonight

Sunsets will soon be gone, but this is what it looked like tonight!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Flotte landskapsbilder, sikkert hærlig å dure innover på skuteren i solskinnet....men utsikten din var ikke så imponerende, hehe :-P

  2. Hadde bedre utsikt i den forrige leiligheten, men dette bildet viser jo at det ikke bare er vill natur her oppe, men også at sivilisasjonen har satt sine harde spor i isødet. :)