fredag 13. april 2012

Cute and fluffy, but the "wrong" kind!

Last sunday I recieved an e-mail from Roland Seitre, a french nature photographer, naturalist and vet. He was coming up to Svalbard the same day, and he asked me if I could help him to find interesting wildlife. In particular he wanted to see the Arctic Fox, since that was one of the favourite animals of his daughter, who had joined him for this trip.

I met up with them when I was done at work, and we headed out to look for the wlidlife that is here at the time. Conditions are very slow here at the moment, but I was hoping to find something of interest at least. Roland had managed to get some pictures of the Svalbard Ptarmigan before we met up, but now he wanted to find something else. We drove around and did not find much else than Svalbard Reindeer. so even though the foxes did not show this day, at least we both got to fill our lenses with some rather cute fur-balls. The Svalbard Reindeer has to be my favourite deer (hjortedyr). The short legs, the broad and short head and the general fat appearence just make them wonderful. When you add in a generally dozile behaviour, you have a winner to me! I am posting a few of the photos I took underneath, and I hope that you will see what I mean about this wonderful animal!

Family happiness

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