torsdag 23. september 2010

August 17th

A day of photographing! What a seldom treat! And when I actually managed to get a couple off good shots I am more than happy. The first bird that I encountered amde my heart jump a little to begin with, before I saw what it actually was. At first glimpse, when I could only see the head it looked like a Cackling Goose (Polargås). Given the fact that I have been here long enough to ha ve seen many strange Barnacle Geese (Hvitkinngås), I found a better position to watch from. This resulted in that I could confirm that it was in deed a juvenile Barnacle. The angle of the head when I first saw it was such that the white forehead-patch was hidden, but when it turned its head it was visible. Together with a grey back and white underside its a plain Barnacle.

When I went further out I came across a quite photogenic Arctic Fox. It showed off well for some minutes before it went on its way to find todays ration of food. As the last picture shows, it even knows that it has to look along the road before it crosses.

Other species that I manged to get some good pictures of were a Fulmar (Havhest) and a Glaucous Gull (Polarmåke) that came flying past me at Vestpynten. I got some nice pictures of female Eiders (Ærfugl) with their still downy chicks roosting on the beach on Kullkaia, and a stretching adult Purple Sandpiper (Fjæreplytt) and a roosting adult Purple Sandpiper finnished off the day.

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